The PPMCA is an association made up of heating, air-conditioning and plumbing contractors.

It also consists of associate members that include plumbing and heating supply houses as well as the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, Better Business Bureau and the Colorado Springs Utilities.

Why should you join PPMCA?

Here is the answer to this question:

Why the $175.00 membership dues, you spend is the best buy you will ever get. Leaving out all the past accomplish-ments which in themselves are worth far more than any $175.00 a year, this list should more than prove it is the best money you can spend on your company.

All in all the money you pay for the PPMCA membership will be the best investment in your business you can make.

  • PPMCA Energy Efficiency Incentive Program where we pay your customers and you, when they upgrade to an energy efficient equipment. Your customer can earn hundreds of dollars for their upgrades and we will send you a check for $50 for every approved voucher you send in. It is a very win win program. Please check out our Web Page for more information.
  • We provide training for your Techs on an ongoing basis at a significant discount to members. In fact you can save enough money on the training alone to cover the cost of the membership, and remember in order to keep your Mechanics IV license, you need to have 6 hours of approved training a year.
  • The PPMCA boards meets once a month to look over all the problems that can affect our business, and if a major problem should occur we can call a meeting of the general membership in a very short period of time.
  • The PPMCA is a totally volunteer organization. All the board members and committee members give their time freely because they know that if it wasn’t for the PPMCA in the past most of us would not be in this business today, and the constant threat of losing more and more of our work to the public sector makes the time spent more than worth while.
  • I think that one of the most overlooked benefits is meeting with all the other business owners and vendors. We all learn from each other. Maybe it is a new product or maybe a bad account to be careful about or how to deal with an employee problem. It is all good stuff that we can help each other with and makes us all better business men and women.
  • Warm Wheels is a community service that the PPMCA has created to aid our community to have their furnaces checked and at times repaired if they are unable to afford the service. Are members volunteer there time and for this service PPMCA gives them a free ToxiRaeIII Personal CO Monitor for every 2 Warm Wheel calls they perform.
  • We have four General Membership meetings per year where we keep you up to date on all the code changes as well as many other factors which can affect your business. During these meetings we provide you a free breakfast and speakers who can help you with everything from insurance problems to lien laws, and many other topics that can help you in your day to day business operations.
  • We have two members on the Regional Building Mechanical Board who work continually with the PPMCA code advisory committee to insure that all of your problems, concerns, and issues are addressed.
  • The PPMCA is considered the voice of the mechanical trades in the City and with almost 100 members we carry an extreme amount of political clout with all the powers to be in the City.
  • We have worked with Colorado Springs Utilities to create a referral service which for an extra fee you can get great work referrals direct from the City.