2 year educational license renewal approved for you by:
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department—Roger Lovell – Building Official
Jack Arrington – Deputy Building Official, Chief Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector
Yes! You get your money back!

PLEASE NOTE: PPRBD reimbursement information:
Only active licensed Mechanic IV’s on file with Pikes Peak Regional Building
Department are eligible to receive the tuition.
Pikes Peak Mechanical Contractors Association (PPMCA) 633-3046

What else do you get?
National Carbon Monoxide Safety Inspector Certification upon successful
completion of 50 question ESCO Institute online exam.
6 NATE hours
Certificates of completion from  COSA and PPMCA
Each participant receives a low level RKI CO monitor upon successful course
completion. Walk out the door measuring carbon monoxide!

Mech IV mailer Colorado Springs Update July 2016

Please check back for updates on classes for the 2021 year! 

All classes held at Johnstone Supply
3720 E Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs, Co. 80909

COST: $500.00— Remember! It is all reimbursed by the Pikes
Peak Regional Building Department.
Only 10 seats available—sign up now or miss out on the
reimbursement program; Licensed Mechanic IV’s only!

Inspection Furnace Internal Supplies

Join this carbon monoxide safety effort in our county and get
your license renewed for two years, training hours, personal
protection CO monitor, certifications, AND your money back.
Enhance your technical skills and help save lives. Talk with those
who have attended; don’t miss out!
Who is responsible for the air you breathe on the job?
Be a part of this carbon monoxide safety effort.

Download Class Flyer for 2019

To signup for classes, please contact Johnstone Supply at 719-550-0123.